What am I gaining by going through with this "Art Burning"? I am giving my self the opportunity to begin again with no preconceived notion of what my art should look like or be based on what I have created in the past. Many I know are going through different types of reinvention because they lost the job they had for 10, 15 or 20 years. What would you do if you could go back to being a young adult and were just about to embark on a your studies or  your first career? What wisdom would you bring with you that you gained from your life experiences? I have never met a person who said they would not have changed anything. This year I will begin over AGAIN  and it will be my turn to try on different choices.

"It's not to late to be what you might have been"

Since I have painted over, burned or let go of my old work and I filled with anticipation and excitement about limitless potentiality. Where do I possibly begin? This really begs to larger questions fit for anyone to dream whether an artist or not. If you could start over, go back in time to a turning point knowing what you  know now and make different choices, what would you be?

Where do I begin? I'll say it my trouble has been focus. Not discipline, but focus. In my rebellious nature of being pressured to choose one subject matter like all the cool kids do, I allowed myself to explore everything my heart desired. I think I would benefit to deepen my study and narrow my focus in 2014. I am not even sure this will work as I already am dreaming of figure studies, landscaped from Topanga Canyon in Malibu, CA, calligraphy lettering, and oh, yeah, mixed media.  

Maybe I should just call my stripes as they are but I am interested in a challenge, change and most of all growth! I know for sure that I am interested in working as often as I can and for the most joy I can find.

By this time next year no matter what happens, you can hold me to that joy part, for sure!

AuthorApril DeMarco